St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

‘Following the loving example shown by Jesus Christ’

Staff Training




All the adults at St Patrick's gathered together for a special INSET day on 4th January at St Joseph's Retreat Centre at Ashurst in the New Forest. This was an opportunity for everyone to come together and reflect on our school mission and what we seek to achieve for the children at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School.


All of our school adults came along, including our office team, support staff and governors - as well as the teaching staff! We spent the day looking at the purpose of catholic education and examining how we can best follow our school mission statement in following the loving example of Jesus Christ. We also discussed how our school mission statement and PATRICK learning attitudes work with the Gospel Values to provide the very best outcomes for every child in our school.


After lunch, the afternoon started with the adults working in small groups to present their take on our school mission statement and how we can help our children to understand it even better. Some groups made up a rap or song, others a poem, whilst one group even took up acting! It was clear that there is a real passion and commitment among all the staff to enliven the children's understanding of our school mission to follow the loving example of Jesus Christ. This was followed by a special Mass with Fr. Des Connolly before we returned home after a busy day!


We used our second INSET day on Friday 5th January to look at our work from the previous day and establish our vision for the children during their time at our school. We discussed what it is we want to achieve for our school over the next few years, as well as identifying ways for us to achieve these goals. We came up with lots of great ideas - there are exciting times ahead for us all (children, parents and staff) at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School.

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