St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

‘Following the loving example shown by Jesus Christ’

ShamRock Party in the Park

"What a wonderful day!"

"Fantastic Day!"



Some of the many comments we received from everyone leaving the event on Sunday.  The sun shone, the music played, the dancers danced, cakes were eaten and everyone had beaming smiles!


Thank you to everyone who came to support us in raising money for our playground.  The total raised was £3852.65.  The costs for the day were £1377.90, leaving total profit for the playground project of £2474.75


Messages received since Sunday include:

"Thanks for having me - it was lots of fun" - Calum Lintott, performer

"Thank you for a great day, we had a good gig!" - Midwich Dawn - band

"It was our pleasure to attend such a lovely event, it was run so well" - GoGeeks Events

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Thank you to everyone who helped us raise a fantastic £2474 for the Playground Special Project fund