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Year 5 Trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

First we went into a wonky room which was called the "Big Small room", the floor was diagonal and it was hard to walk around!  There were lots of activities there over two floors, we were able to walk around trying out all the activities.


Then there was a model of a digestive system you were allowed to walk through,to see how everything works.


My favourite bit was when we got to race on a racing track and I won !


by Victoria (Year 5RT)





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The next thing was the planetarium ,there was a massive screen on the ceiling.  It showed all the planets and a person was there who explained what they were made of.

My favourite bit was when we got to try on a space suit and feel the weight of the gloves . They were heavy!

By Noah (Year 5SW)

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Following the loving example shown by Jesus Christ