St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

‘Following the loving example shown by Jesus Christ’

Homework Survey

Dear parents and carers,


We are in the process of reviewing our school Homework Policy and would like to invite you to share your views by completing this Homework Questionnaire.


As you will no doubt be aware, the most complex issue with homework is the range of differing views around what it should look like for your own children. It will be incredibly hard to suit everyone but we do promise a fair and open consultation which we hope you will enjoy being part of.


We know that the specifications around how much homework should be given in primary schools has been removed by the government but Ofsted will still look to see how homework links effectively with the learning taking place in school and grade us according to how well this is achieved.


The following questions are based on feedback from parents, pupils and teachers. We are open to developing our new policy and have no fixed plan in mind – this will evolve as we see what you want for your children as well as what children, staff and governors feel is appropriate and effective. We will also be guided by current research into homework in primary schools.


We are keen to get this right and plan to have a draft policy ready by the end of the summer term. This questionnaire is available on the school website:


It is our aim to create a Homework Policy that is written by all of us and means something to each of us with an interest in the children at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School!


Please complete and return the questionnaire to the school office by Friday 16th June.


Thank you for your support in developing our new policy,



Mrs Whitren and Mr Balaam

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