St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

‘Following the loving example shown by Jesus Christ’

Expectations - Independance ladder

St Patricks Independence Ladder

As our children progress through the school, they will develop their independent skills and build upon previous learning. We expect children in …

Year 6

· To write in pen, taking responsibility for careful presentation

· To manage weekly home-learning to deadlines

Year 5

· To take responsibility for their effort and focus in class

· To employ self-help strategies to solve and minimise day-to-day issues

· To always represent the school in a mature and sensible fashion

Year 4

· To self-assess their own work and identify how to make improvements

· To be able to explain their mistakes/where they went wrong

· To use a range of strategies and resources in the classroom to support independence (working walls, book-brain-buddy etc)

Year 3

· To be ready to learn (by having all the equipment they need, taking ownership of their belongings, using break-times for the toilet, taking responsibility for knowing and following classroom routines etc)

· To act on instructions without reminders

· To take responsibility for home-learning (daily reading, learning spellings and number facts)

Year 2

· To write the date (long date for English and RE, short date for everything else + underline with a ruler)

· To change their reading book regularly first thing in the mornings, without reminders

· To actively listen to others

Year 1

· To get changed for PE (including taking off and putting on shoes) and to take responsibility for their clothing and kit

· To line up in an orderly fashion

· To organise their belongings when they come into class in the mornings (book bags, lunches etc)

Year R

· To write their name on their work

· To select their own resources

· To do up their coat (by Christmas)


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